Works in Public Collections
Date & Construction
Arts Council of Great Britain  1962      Space Construction 13
Cornwall Education Committee  1963      White Relief 
Arts Council of Great Britain 1966      Space Ring Construction
Abbot Hall Museum Kendal  1968      Beamsplitter Construction
Arts Council of Great Britain 1977      Transparent Construction No.1 
The Leverhulme Foundation 1982      Linear Space Construction    
Southampton City Art Gallery 2010      Group Theory Drawings C2 & C8
Space Perception Experiment Installed at the following
Science Museum London 1978
Science Museum of Ontario 1981
The Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo 1983
Magic House, St.Louis, USA 1987
National Museum of Science,Taiwan 1987
National Museum, Copenhagen 1990
Science/Art Institute Zurich 1991
National American Science Center 2000
Singapore Science Centre 2001
Hong Kong Science Museum 2003
Camera Obscura Glasgow 2004
York Maze 2004